Tales of Brave Ida

All songs by Ida, Simple Machines Publishing BMI

(SMR 35)

Released fall 1994


  1. F.Boyfriend
  2. Temping
  3. Post Prom Disorder
  4. Slow Dance
  5. Coupons
  6. Shotgun
  7. Dollface
  8. Accidents
  9. Dog Show
  10. Nick Drake
  11. Equator
  12. Looking Through The Glass
  13. Vacation
  14. Baroque Boyfriend


Daniel Littleton - guitars, vox, drums
Liz Mitchell - guitars, vox, piano
Rick Lassiter - stand up bass

Recorded in the spring of 1994 at Excello Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn by Bruce Hathaway, with guest appearence by Julia Kent (Rasputina) on cello. All previous Ida recordings were done on 4-track cassette machines. We had never heard of a Neve or sung into a fancy vintage tube microphone before. Needless to say, working in a 24 track analog studio was a major change for us. This resulted in many layers of sounds and lots of hands on the console during mixing sessions. Liz played most of her guitar parts on a Fender Coronado electric guitar. Dan played a Gibson Les Paul Custom guitar with a Standard neck and a bad Fender Stratocaster.

There is one outtake -"backwards vacation" which is the "forwards"(!?!) version of "vacation" on "Tales.." It will be available as a bonus track on the forthcoming vinyl re-issue of "Tales..". Liz's old friend Rebecca Jane Gleason took the front cover Polaroid in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. The back cover is a piece of wallpaper Liz found in a dumpster in 1989. The collage was made by good friend and childrens book author/illustrator Brian Selznick, who also designed the Ida logo. Painting by Erin Courtney.

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Sunday February 17
Watermark Church
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Sunday March 10
Bearsville Theatre
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